PlayNET in the media and on the Internet


PlayNet on YouTube:

Rapid T. Rabbit show from October 4, 1986:


A RARE video!  The original PlayNET Investor video, graciously allowed to be added by Dave P.  This is dated 3/13/1984.



PlayNET giving birth to AOL:


PlayNET in 1983 - Schenectady, NY News video





Here are a few sites that reference PlayNET.
Our old PlayNET friend, Rabbit R, has us mentioned on the site for his show, Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends..
A December 1984 article that discusses how colleges help to "incubate" new industry.  PlayNET features in this article.
A March 1986 New York Times article that references PlayNET.
A few websites that mention PlayNET and how it relates to Q-link.
PlayNET's Wikipedia article.


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