PlayNET Events & Parties


Here, fresh from the PlayNET vaults, are pictures from the various official PlayNET parties!


Philadelphia, PA Party

October 24-26, 1986

Featured in BTS December 1986


San Diego, CA Party

January 23-25 1987

Featured in BTS March 1987


Miami Beach, FL Party

April 24-26 1987

Featured in BTS June 1987


West Coast gathering at Steven A2s home

Featured in BTS August 1987


West Coast Pizza gathering with Steven A2

Featured in BTS November 1987


Albany NY Party

November 13-15, 1987

Featured in BTS January 1988


Houston, TX Party

February 19-21 1988

Featured in BTS April 1988


San Francisco, CA Party

May 20-22, 1988

Featured in BTS August 1988



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Photo Credits: Ruth G1, Baxie Q, Robert S8, Bunn Y

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